Competing for the Elderly Vote

In a tight battle for City Council, Leslie approaches the President of the Pawnee Senior Citizens with a plan to place wheelchair ramps on every city building to make it easier for elderly citizens to get around. Bobby Newport announces a very similar plan, but instead of ramps, they propose adding chair lifts to each building. Both are pandering to the elderly vote with essentially the same program.

Thanks to an anonymous submitter for the clip!

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Why God Loves Capitalism

Ron teaches his young basketball players that capitalism is God’s way of determining who is smart and who is poor. In the long run of a perfectly competitive market, the worst performers should be pushed out of the market.

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Spending Federal Funds on Parks

The government often provides services for public goods and common goods when the private market isn’t ready to accept that responsibility. Because Ron is a big believe in free markets, he isn’t happy that federal money is being spent on providing common resources for the community.  He believes that the best kind of park would be one ran by Chuck E. Cheese.

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