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Parks and Recreation spent 7 years on NBC before the final episode in 2015. During their time on air, Parks and Recreation was nominated for 72 different major awards and won 13 awards based on acting and writing, including a Peabody Award for “developing a venue to explore the good side of American democracy in an age when that side is so rarely on display.” Here’s a snippet of Chris Pratt (who plays Andy Dwyer on the show) describing Parks and Recreation in 30 seconds for Entertainment Weekly:

The purpose of this website is to provide educators with video clips from the popular NBC television program, Parks and Recreation, that can be used in the classroom to help facilitate engagement. We hope that the site helps instructors show students that economics is everywhere, even in a show set in Pawnee, Indiana, which Leslie Knope (2011) described as more exciting than New York, more glamorous than Hollywood, and roughly the same size as Bismarck, North Dakota. Check out the Resources page for ways to use the clips in class or references to other great resources.

All clips and descriptions are used under Fair Use. If you know of a clip that is not on the site, feel free to submit it by clicking here. The clips are stored at www.criticalcommons.org along with many more videos that help teach economic concepts. Find out more about Critical Commons on our Resources Page.