Being an Accountant

Ben goes back to the accounting firm that he initially quit, only to decide to quit again as soon as he sees his office. In discussing his motivation, he talks about how he wants to do something meaningful with his life, but then he realizes the benefits of being an accountant including stability and above average pay.

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Why No Female Garbage Collectors?

During a gender equality meeting, Leslie points out that the Sanitation Department has only one female employee, and she’s a secretary. Leslie questions whether the Sanitation Department is discriminating against women in the well-paid job of garbage collector, but the office workers claim its because not enough women apply for the job because it’s physically demanding.

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Ben’s Considering a Job

Ben’s been offered a job with a local accounting firm, but he isn’t as excited about the commute or the carpeting in the office. Leslie recommends that if he isn’t in love with the idea of working there then he should take some time to consider other options. The non-pecuniary aspects of jobs are important in the decision to accept employment.

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