Why the Government Matters

A young student needs to interview someone for a school project and stumbles upon Ron in the office.  Her project is supposed to focus on the role of government in society, which gives Ron the opportunity to share his libertarian views about the government’s purpose. After describing these views, the young student’s parent comes back very unhappy.

Fairness of Splitting a Check


Ann announces that she is not a fan of group dinners where everyone splits the check. This is most likely because she believes she’ll spend under the average bill and would have to pay more than her share if split equally. While it’s more efficient to split the bill, it often leads to some inequities in the final amount each person pays.

Ron & Child Labor Laws

Ron describes his promotion to manager of a sheet metal factory at the age of 9, but regrets that child labor laws are now ruining this country. Child labor laws a good example of decreasing in supply of labor for the early 1900s and a service as a good discussion on the role of government.