BBQ Pork

The Parks Department is hosting a BBQ in the local park. Ron decides to bring a pig to the park because he wants people to see their food before consuming it. He is not allowed to because it is against the law and violates health codes despite his beliefs that he should be allowed to as the Parks Department director.

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Ann is an Entrepreneur

Tom pranked Anne by putting glitter in her laundry detergent and she decides to return the favor by putting glitter in Tom’s moisturizer. She pitches it as a new product gimmick, but Tom supports the idea of this new product, “Sparkle Skin.”

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Ann Has to Go

Ben and Leslie propose a solution to solving the budget crises, but accidentally suggest that all D1 employees (low-level) should be terminated. Because there is a limited amount of funds available in the city budget, any money moving to one department must come at the expense of another department.

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Mouth Drinkers

The citizens of Pawnee drink from a water fountain by placing their whole mouth on the nozzle. Ann correctly points out the externality in the situation that by kissing one water fountain drinker, you’re kissing them all.

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Andy Needs a Doctor

Andy hits his head against the wall, but can’t afford to go see a doctor. He hasn’t had insurance for two years because he thinks he only needs it for when something bad happens. Moral hazards often arise when one party takes on more risk because they are insured.

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Leslie as Santa

While on suspension, Leslie buys her officemates Christmas gifts based on their personalities. Ron mentions how he only gives people $20, but realizes how great Leslie’s gifts are and how the office needs to remedy the gift giving imbalance. While Ron takes the most efficient outcome for gift giving, he’s realizing that there may need to be a bit more thought put into the process.

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Dating is a Zero-Sum Game

Ann runs into Donna at a single’s event but is quickly sent away because she represents competition in “the jungle.” Dating markets work best whenever they are “thick,” but if there aren’t many available mates then it can be hard to match up.

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Fairness of Splitting a Check

Ann announces that she is not a fan of group dinners where everyone splits the check. This is most likely because she believes she’ll spend under the average bill and would have to pay more than her share if split equally. While it’s more efficient to split the bill, it often leads to some inequities in the final amount each person pays.

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